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Getting & Remaining Active

Getting & Remaining Active

When you are living with or after cancer, becoming more active can be a positive change to make in your life.

Being active before, during and after treatment can:

  • reduce tiredness (fatigue)
  • improve your quality of life
  • help look after your heart
  • reduce anxiety and depression
  • help you maintain a healthy weight
  • strengthen your muscles, joints and bones
  • improve your flexibility and help keep you supple
  • increase your confidence.

You might be nervous about starting and building up your activity, especially if you have not been active for a while. You may worry that you are too tired, don’t know how to start or don’t know what is best for you to do.

You may also be concerned about injuring yourself. But even a little physical activity is better than none at all. It can help you feel less stressed and lift your spirits if you are feeling low. It will also help you feel more in control, because you are doing something positive for yourself.

Macmillan Move More

The Macmillan Move More Programme is an innovative project to help anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer in the local area to get active and remain active. This programme is now available across the whole of Northern Ireland.

Macmillan Cancer Support funds the Move More initiative and works in partnership with local councils, physical activity providers and health and social care trusts all over Northern Ireland, to provide the support that people living with cancer need to improve their fitness.

How to get involved?

Click here to find your local Move More Coordinator.
You can also follow them at: &

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