Thank you to everyone who attended our Health & Wellbeing meeting this weekend.

We hope our guests found it worthwhile and of value to their cancer journey.

Dr Olinda Santin’s talk on Supportive Cancer Care was very beneficial to carers and we hope you’ll have a browse of her website and make use of the support it can offer –

Dr Declan Curtis had some wise words to share on coping with depression after a cancer diagnosis – “Don’t try to rise above being human.”

And finally, we said a big goodbye to Julie Hanna, one of our Clinical Nurse Specialists, who will be very missed following her recent retirement.

We would love to hear your feedback on this meeting. If you would like to pass it on, please email

Early Diagnosis is Key #CatchItEarly

Oesophageal cancer like many other cancers does not discriminate between age or sex and knowing and recognising the signs and symptoms are crucial to early diagnosis.  If you suffer from any of the following symptoms for longer than 3 weeks you should consult your doctor.

  • Persistent Indigestion
  • Difficulty swallowing or food sticking
  • Heartburn acid reflux
  • Hiccupping that wont go away
  • Unexplained weight loss.

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