Eilis Sutton a member of the Upper GI Team at CCRCB (QUB)

This week a member of the Upper GI team at The Patrick G Johnston Centre for Cancer Research (QUB) visited OGCANCERNI’s office to sit down and explain how the purchase of the new equipment will bring us one step closer towards translating research into direct benefits for patients.

See below quote from Eilis Sutton

The Upper GI team at CCRCB (QUB) are so grateful to receive this generous funding from OGCancerNI.

Our group would like to investigate markers in the blood that might predict a patient’s response to chemotherapy. To do this we need a specialist freezer to store substantial amounts of blood samples, which we now have the ability to obtain. Another part of our work centres on cancer cell lines. These experiments require us to look at many different cell lines to paint a full picture of the different cancers, and can be very time-consuming. The remainder of the funding will be used to purchase an electronic cell counter which will save us a lot of time and allow us to achieve our goals faster.

This funding, allowing us to purchase of our new equipment, will bring us one step closer towards translating our research into direct benefits for patients with oesophago-gastric cancer. Thank you to all who donated.

Eilis Sutton

To follow the work of Dr Richard Turkington click here https://pure.qub.ac.uk/en/persons/richard-turkington

Early Diagnosis is Key #CatchItEarly

Oesophageal cancer like many other cancers does not discriminate between age or sex and knowing and recognising the signs and symptoms are crucial to early diagnosis.  If you suffer from any of the following symptoms for longer than 3 weeks you should consult your doctor.

  • Persistent Indigestion
  • Difficulty swallowing or food sticking
  • Heartburn acid reflux
  • Hiccupping that wont go away
  • Unexplained weight loss.

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